BFree Brown Seeded Bloomer

I was sent a BFree Brown Seeded Bloomer to sample and I was pleasantly surprised when I received the bread. The bread was sliced length ways, as opposed to width ways. This means that there are much larger slices than your average gluten free bread. 

I tried the it several ways: toast, sandwiches and in soup. I can truthfully say, I enjoyed the bread on all counts. It was one of the better brown breads that I've eaten. 

To say the slices were large, it was surprising to find out they were only 68 calories per slice.

All in all, I would try this bread again. The texture and taste is good for a brown seeded bread and is a bit healthier (in my opinion anyway).

If you like brown seeded bread, then this is definitely up there as one of the best!

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