Two Ingredient Pancakes

For a while now, I've noticed a lot of people talking about pancakes with just two ingredients in it: egg and banana. I've seen people raving about these pancakes, saying how good they taste and they are a lighter, skinnier and lower calorie version of a "normal" pancake. So whilst I have more time on my hands today and in a bid to eat a little healthier I thought I'd give these a try.

The mixture was so simple to put together and literally took me minutes from getting the ingredients ready to frying them off in a pan. I think considering how quick they are, I could potentially make these before I go to work in a morning. I used coconut oil to fry mine in, as I've heard that there are many health benefits to using this and also I want to also test out using it as I've not really used it much yet. I was really pleased with how well they fried up and how good the pancakes looked.

The texture is slightly different from your standard pancakes made with flour, but to be honest I actually quite like the texture and given the ingredients used in these pancakes and the ease of making them, I think I will be making these pancakes more often! They're also brilliant for those of us living a gluten free lifestyle, as they're naturally gluten free.

You can put whatever toppings you would like on your pancakes, I think next time I will get some assorted fruit to add to the top of these. I also wonder for those of us who love chocolate, if the pancakes would taste good with some added cocoa powder for a chocolatey taste (I think I'll have to give this a try!).

To take a look at the recipe that I used and to give this pancakes a go, take a look at the following recipe.

Have you already experimented with flourless pancakes? If so please let me know how it went for you and what you think of this type of pancake.


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    1. Thank you, I was impressed with how quick and easy to make that they were :-)

  2. The pancakes look very good! I'd like to give these a try for a change instead of my usual pancakes, very surprised at the recipe!