Nutella Banana Ice Cream

I fancied some ice cream last night, as I wanted something sweet but I was really aware that I needed to make sure that it wasn't unhealthy as I have been treating myself a bit more than usual (bringing cake and cookies to work for my birthday). I've seen quite a few people talk about using bananas to make ice cream, so I thought I'd make some Nutella, Banana Ice Cream.

The is the recipe that I used for this, gives you a lovely hard Nutella ice cream, however I prefer soft scoop ice cream, so I decided to freeze the bananas first for at least 2 hours then add the rest of the ingredients to my mini chopper. You then have a lovely soft scoop ice cream, with a nice flavour but the calories in this are a lot less and it is a much more healthy and natural ice cream than one of the sugar laden ones you can buy from the supermarket (I don't tend to eat these as much any more as a lot of these have gluten in them). 

If you fancy trying this, then go ahead and look at this recipe. This gives you a great recipe for hard Nutella ice cream. You can still taste the bananas coming through, which is something that I really like. I urge you to try this, as I think with easy and healthy options like this, it gets much easier to say no to those sugar laden ice creams out on the market now.

I've also made a peanut butter ice cream, which was also nice. You can find the recipe for this here.

For some other takes on this banana ice cream idea, you can find these on the following sites:

I think I'm going to experiment a bit with this type of ice cream and try some different flavours out. If you've already tried this recipe with some other flavours, please feel free to share your recipes.


  1. Nutella is my favourite ingredient - I will definitely be trying this! Guilt free ice cream - amazing!

    1. I've also tried a recipe with peanut butter in instead of nutella, that was pretty good too :-)