Home Made Oxtail Soup

I cannot tell you enough how much we both loved this recipe, the consistency, the taste and texture were all absolutely spot on. To be honest, I don't think there's much reason to change this recipe. The only thing that we did was sub the flour for Asda's Free From Plain Flour and we used gluten free stock cubes.

This recipe is fairly cheap to make, but is not one of the most inexpensive soups that I have made. Oxtail is still fairly cheap though (I don't think it's quite as cheap as it used to be, but then again I haven't previously bought Oxtail so who I am to talk on how the prices have change ;-) ), but using red wine does bump up the price per serving. If you are looking to decrease the cost of this recipe a little, I personally think that you could get away with only using 1 kg of Oxtail and still get  4 servings out of this, but I think as oxtail is still fairly cheap I'd put in the full amount if you want to experience the full flavour and texture of this dish. There is quite a lot of meat in the soup, so I think this is a good soup to have for an evening meal.

These are the oxtail pieces which have been trimmed and browned in a pan, then removed and put in a bowl to one side:

The vegetables frying in the pan, before adding the red wine and returning the oxtail to the pan:

I also suggest going to your local market, or picking your own vegetables from the loose section in the supermarket rather than buying the pre-packaged bags (unless you have plans to use the rest of them in other recipes), this way you only use the vegetables that you need and do not waste anything.

If you are a fan of oxtail soup from the tins, then you should definitely try this recipe. It has a much stronger, richer and deeper flavour than the tinned kind, so why not give this a try. Most butchers should have oxtail and some supermarkets do stock this.

You can find the recipe that we used here.

For those of you that are gluten free, please ensure you use gluten free flour and gluten free stock cubes (unless you use your own pre-made stock for this).

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