Heinz Farmers Market Seven Vegetable Soup

As I'm writing this review, the weather is quite cold, a layer of snow covering the tops of the cars which is slowly starting to melt. So for lunch today, I did reach for Heinz Farmers Market Seven Vegetable Soup.  I did read on the following forum on-line that this is gluten free and I cannot see any gluten ingredients on the tin (normally it does advise if gluten is contained and listed on the allergens), the only thing that I would say is that it doesn't say that it's gluten free and so for Celiac's I'm not sure at the moment if this is safe to eat or not.

I was pretty impressed with the taste of this, I think it did more or less look like the picture on the tin. I personally did season this soup slightly.

Texture / Consistency:
The soup was a nice consistency, fairly thick with good chunks of vegetables. 

Currently £1 from Asda (Checked on Asda.com on 11/03/13)

115 calories per 1/2 can or 230 calories per full can.

For a tinned vegetable soup, I'd probably give this about a 4 / 5 as I really enjoyed this.

I did enjoy this for tinned food and it does contain vegetables, which I'm trying to up my in take of so all in all a pretty good eat. If I'm honest, I am trying to cut down on eating canned foods and pre prepared food from the supermarkets, but I think every now it probably wont hurt me (this is just my own personal opinion).

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