Menu 01/09/13 - 07/09/13

We went to my mums for Sunday lunch and as they're going away for a few days, they decided  to give us the leftover lamb. We bought some lamb shoulder, but this will be frozen until next week when we will probably braise it. She also gave me a few other bits including 3 large marrows and some carrots.

Menu 01/09/13 - 07/09/13

Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy

Baked Marrow with Chorizo and Feta Cheese

Chickpea and Spinach Curry

Chicken Stir Fry x 2 (I bought a few different flavours from B&M last week)

Chorizo and Bean Chilli

Leftover Lamb Curry 

Breakfast: Fruit and Yoghurt, Cereal, Banana Bread, Toast
Lunch: Tuna / Ham Salad, Leftovers
Snacks: Apples, Bananas, Clementines
Leftovers: Gluten Free Sausages, Chickpeas, Haricot Beans, Feta, Spinach, Tinned Fruit, Yoghurt, Tuna, Marrow, leftover Lamb, Stir Fry Sauces, Curry Paste, Cereal, Gluten Free Bread, Bread, Apples

Bananas (11 - 2.26 kg) £1.54
Clementines £1.75
Sweetcorn £1.00
Spring Onions £0.50
Cucumber £0.50
3 Mixed Peppers £1.00
Lettuce £0.50
Milk £1.00
Purple Majesty Potatoes  1.25 kg £1.00
Onions £1.00
Lamb shoulder - 1.55 kg £6.98 **
Chicken £4.50
Stir Fry Vegetables 3 for £3 £3.00
Wafer Thin Ham £1.00
Chorizo £2.50
Kidney Bean £0.27
Chopped Tomatoes x 3 £1.02
Tomato Puree £0.48
15 Smart Price Eggs £1.35
GF Flour £1.65
Cumin £0.67
Stir Fry Sauce x 2 (from B&M) * £0.58
Tinned Haricot Beans * £0.29

Total £34.08

All items were bought from Asda, unless stated otherwise. All prices were correct on date of purchase 01/09/13.

* These items were bought from B&M on 24/08/13

** This is bought but not being used this week, so will be frozen and used as part of next weeks meal plan

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