Meal Plan 26/01/14 - 01/02/14

I've now started shopping at Sainsbury's for one reason or another, so all of the below prices will be from Sainsbury's unless detailed otherwise. There are a couple of missing items, but I'll probably call into Asda on the way home form work for these.

The missing items are lamb kidney and bread rolls, I'll freeze mine but prefer to get the regular rolls nearer to the time so they are fresh. We're also having company on Thursday, so will be making Lancashire Hot Pot.

These are the upcoming meals (not in order):

Chicken Soup
Broccoli, Sweetcorn, Parsnip & Chicken Bake (Roux Sauce & Mustard)
Lacashire Hot Pot
Sweetcorn Chower
Tuna Sweetcorn Jacket Potato
Bacon, Beef and Brie Burgers
Brie & Cherry Tomato Spaghetti

Shopping List:

Milk £1.39
Bread £0.80
Gluten Free Bread £1.99
Tangerines £1.50
Rubens Apples £1.00
Bananas (4 - 0.525 kg) £0.41
Lamb Shoulder £6.10
Carrots 1.5 kg £0.89
Basics Onions £0.95
Potatoes 4 kg £1.90
Dripping £0.75
Parsnips £0.90
Broccoli (300 g) £0.87
Chicken Legs £2.19
Spring Onions £0.75
Salted Tortilla Chips £0.50
Sweetcorn £0.60
Tuna Chunks £1.80
Half Swede £0.60
Cherry Tomatoes £1.00
Brie £1.15
Smoked Bacon 250 g £1.40
FF Bread Roll £2.19
Organic Minced Beef 500 g £3.48
Lettuce £1.00
Cucumber £0.80
Chocolate Mousse £0.35
Savoy £0.80
Chicken Wings £1.84
Flora Buttery £1.00
Lemon Mousse £0.65
Celery £1.00
Eggs £0.93
Total £47.18 (All of the above were bought from Sainsburys)

The other half has started the 5:2 diet, so I'm trying to support him by having lower calorie meals twice a week. I personally don't want to go on this diet, so I'm continuing to go to the gym and trying to get fit and hopefully lose a bit of weight that way.

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