Meal Plan 18/03 - 22/03

In our household my boyfriend and I both love food and enjoy cooking, but due to ever rising costs we do have to keep a budget. I'm also trying to incorporate more vegetables into our diet, so this week I've tried to plan our meals based on this.

I thought I'd share my meal plans with you and the shopping lists for these. I'll be sharing the recipes for these    throughout the week.

Lamb leg steaks with vegetables (we had tender stem broccoli, extra fine beans, baby corn and sugar snap peas)

South Western Quinoa Vegetable Casserole

Asparagus, Peas and Bacon Risotto

I've not included my meal for this day, as we have made plans to go out for dinner.


Baked potatoes with tuna and cottage cheese with onion and chives

The full shopping list for this is as follows (I've used asda.com to verify the following prices on 17/03/13):

Item Cost
Quinoa  - 300 g  (This price is not verified as it isn't available online ) £2.18
Frozen Sweetcorn - 1kg £1.40
Mixed Chillis £0.50
Knorr Stock Cubes - 8 pack £1.67
Mixed Beans in tomato sauce - 405 g tin  £0.79
Garlic Powder - 100 g  £0.69
Ground Cumin £0.57
Asda Mature Cheese - 200 g £1.27
390 g chopped tomatoes with herbs £0.50
Ground Coriander £0.71
Arborio Rice - 500 g £0.98
Parmesan  - 150 g Asda Parmesan £2.50
Asparagus - 150 g £1.50
Frozen Peas - 1 kg £1.60
Onion -  3 Pack £0.85
Baking Potatoes  - 4 Pack £1.00
Salad Crisp Sweetcorn £0.57
Cottage Cheese with onion and Chives £1.00
Princes Tuna Chunks in Brine £3.00
Lamb Leg Steaks (This is just an example, as we actually bought these from our local butcher at the market) £5.00
Baby corn & sugar snap peas £1.50
Tenderstem Broccoli, extra fine beans £1.20
Total £30.98

There will be some leftovers, which I will incorporate into my meals in the following weeks.  Also we may interchange the meals that we have on certain days, just so that we can get a little choice in what we would like to eat. 

Also some meals will provide leftovers which you can either freeze or use for lunches the following day. 

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