Chocolate Mousse

I've been feeling a little under the weather this last week and to treat myself today I felt like eating something a little sweet. I did contemplate making a cake or baking something, but instead decided on a simple mousse instead. Just because it's easy to make though, makes it no less delicious and chocolatey!

The mousse itself was nice, chocolatey and light so it was not too heavy and sickly. I think that next time I make this, I'll serve it with some fruit such as raspberries or strawberries (when they come into season) and potentially a double layered mousse made with white chocolate.

You can find the recipe I used here, I halved the recipe to make 2 portions (made with 4 smallish eggs).

What do you like to eat when you are feeling a little under the weather?


  1. I love chocolate any time, even more so when I'm a little under the weather!

    I haven't had a chocolate mousse for ages and these look lovely! I must give them a go - thank you for sharing the recipe!

    I'm really enjoying your blog so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    I hope you'll take part!


    Cakes and Bakes by Kate - The Liebster Award

    1. Hi Kate

      I know, I'd not had chocolate mousse in ages either, I forget quite how much I like it lol.

      Thank you for nominating me Kate :-)