Meal Plans 07/04/13 - 13/04/13

For over a week now, there's been in an invader taking over a full shelf in the fridge. My boyfriend decided that he wanted to make salt beef, following a trip to Winchester that we had last year. On this particular day, his dad and step mum had taken us to a farmers market, where we'd had this amazing salt beef. We've both been looking forward to trying it so much, that the original dinner plans that we had went out the window, so this week we'll be using those leftover ingredients and making use of our leftover meat (it was approximately 2.5 kg so there will be leftovers).

Meals Planned 07/04/13 - 13/04/13

Lentil Ragu with spaghetti
Beef Tacos
Mushroom and rice one pot
Beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Sweet potato, spinach and lentil dahl
Salt beef sandwiches

I've not included a shopping list this week as we've had some leftovers from last night and we've already bought the beef previously. Overall though this has cost us approximately £55 to £60 for the full week.

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