Chobani Yoghurts

Chobani UK kindly sent me some of their diffent yoghurts to try out, which I have been doing throughout the past week. The flavours that were sent to me are as follows: Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry.

All of the yoghurts are gluten free, fat free and made with naturally sourced ingredients. All of the yoghurts that I tried were 140 calories per pot, except Black Cherry which was 160 calories per pot. They were all really thick and creamy, with a nice balance of flavour coming through. I'd quite happily eat these yoghurts as  part of my breakfast.

Blood Orange:

Out of the 6 flavours that I tried, I think this was one of my favourites. The yoghurt was sweet enough, with the tang of the blood orange coming through without it being overpowering


This again was really nice, with some pomegranate seeds actually in the yoghurt. Definitely one I'd have again and one of my favourites.


This flavour is one I regularly reach for when buying yoghurts and this did not disappoint, definitely one I would have again.


Another nice flavour and one I would like to try again.


This wasn't one of my favourites, but I tend not to eat this normally. I was surprised at how much I liked this considering its not normally something I would go for.

Black Cherry

I wasn't overly keen on this flavour either, but that's just personal preference. I did still quite happily eat this yoghurt though.

Considering how thick and creamy the yoghurts were, I was quite surprised at how nice they all tasted. I believe they are a take on a flavoured Greek style yoghurt (though are just named thick and creamy in the UK). The only problem with these yoghurts is that they don't stock them in any of my local shops, so I'm hoping they start stocking them locally soon.

I'm definitely on the lookout for these, you can check here to see if these yoghurts are stocked near you.

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