Meal Plan 26/05/13 - 01/06/13

This week will be a short week for us as we are going on holiday on Friday, so there will be less meals than usual. We're also eating out a couple of times at relatives, but then we're having my parents round for a meal as well.

We also had a bit of a run around with the shops we used this week, so I wont be sharing the cost of our weekly shop this week, but I will still share with you the couple of meals I do have planned.

Meal Plan 26/05/13 - 01/06/13

Chicken and blue cheese salad (cooked chicken chunks, stilton cheese, lettuce, tomatoes)

Beef steak fajitas (made with rump steak)

Lunches: These will be leftover salad or ham sandwiches.

Breakfasts: Cereal (I have Mesa sunrise - the other half has his own cereal), Eggs, Toast

On Friday I will be going to France for 5 days with the boyfriend, it was supposed to be a bit longer but due to issues with the other half starting a new job and myself already having hen weekend plans for the Friday - Sunday afterwards, unfortunately we have had to cut it short. We're still going to make the most of it though and are very much looking forward to going. 

I will be posting this week and will be posting as much as I can the following week.

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