Menu 30/06/13 - 06/07/13

With my other half starting his new job this month, it's been a bit tighter on the old purse strings than usual.
I've tried to keep the cost of this weeks meals down.

We bought some meat from the market last weekend, so we've used up these leftovers in this weeks menu. 

We are eating at mum's for Sunday lunch, so we only have 6 meals this week. We're eating some leftovers from last week's meal for dinner.

Meal Plan 30/06/13 - 06/06/13

Creamy Crab and Pea Spaghetti
Sweet Chilli Pork Stir Fry
Chicken Thai Green Curry
Courgette and Pea Risotto
Bacon, Pea and Cheese Sauce Spaghetti
Sausage and mixed bean casserole

Item Price 

Gluten Free Bread £2.00
Milk £1.00
Bananas (8 - approx 1.36 kg) £0.92
Pink Lady Apples ( 6 apples - approx 0.96 kg) £3.59
Onions £1.00
Crème Fraiche £1.10
Crab Meat £1.06
Coconut Milk - Light £1.40
Coriander £0.78
Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Sauce £1.20
1 Courgette (0.22 kg) £0.35
Bacon (2 for £4) £4.00
Salad Cream £0.58
Sweetcorn £1.00
Red onion (0.13 kg - approx weight) £0.10
Chopped Tomatoes £0.31
Cucumber £0.50
3 Mixed Peppers £1.00
Lettuce ( 2 at a price of 50 p each) £1.00
Sliced Meat £1.00
2 Heinz Veg Soup £1.20
Extra Mature Cheese - 200 g £1.50
Honey mustard dressing - 250 ml £0.90
Gluten Free Sausage £1.70
Risotto Rice £1.10
Stir fry vegetables £1.20

Total  £31.59

All of the above were correct on 30/06/13 on asda.com

Leftovers: Peas, Cereal, chilli, chicken, rice, Pork, Spaghetti, Hard Cheese, Frozen mixed vegetables, Eggs, Lemongrass, flour

Snacks: Apple or Banana

Breakfast: Cereal, Egg, Toast, Sausages, Bacon

There are ways you can still bring down the cost of the above, such as buying cheaper apples. We really like these apples in particular, so tend to buy these.

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