Meal Plan 07/07/13 - 13/07/13

As we ate out a couple of times this week, we had a couple of meals from this week leftover so we will be putting this back into this weeks meal plan.

Asda have started doing packs of  free from fresh pasta in the chilled section now, they have Tagliatelle which I've decided to try this week and also Penne. As I've been quite busy at work and expect this week to be no different, I thought that it would be good to have some very quick meals that I could make. The pasta only takes a few minutes to cook through, so I'm hoping that I will enjoy it.

Meal Plan 07/07/13 - 13/07/13

Chicken Thai Green Curry
Sausage and mixed bean casserole
Spicy Tomato, Bacon and Pea Tagliatelle
Cherry Tomato and Brie Tagliatelle with Basil
Broccoli, Brie and Spinach Gratin - Jamie Oliver
Baked Potatoes with Cheesy Beans

Item Price 

Gluten Free Bread £2.38 (I actually bought the fresher for longer dietary specials bread from Morrisons)
2 x packs of streaky bacon - £3 (Morrisons) 
Bag of Pink Lady Apples 1.49 (Morrisons) *
Milk - £1.00
Asda Chicken Selecton Pack (1.8 kg) - £5.00 ***
Sliced Ham - £1.00
French Brie - £1.00
Dressing - £0.50
2 x tins of chopped tomatoes - £0.62
Tuna (4 cans) - £4.00
Beans (Fridge Pack) - £1.00
Free From Tagliatelle - £1.72
Sweetcorn x 2 - £1.00
4 x Baking Potatoes - £1.15
Mixed Peppers - £1.00
Broccoli - £0.60
Lettuce x 2 - £1.00
Gluten Free Plain Flour - £1.65
Reduced Bananas (Apprpx 2 kg) £0.30 **
Cherry Tomatoes - £1.00
Red Onion x 2 (0.265 kg) - £0.21
Bananas (1.220 kg) - £0.83
Gluten Free Choc Star cereal - £2.00
Cucumber - £0.50
Gluten Free Butchers Sausages - £1.70

Total £35.65

Breakfast: Cereals, Eggs, Toast. Banana Bread
Lunch: Leftovers, Sandwiches, Salad with Tuna or Chicken
Snacks: Apples, bananas, satsumas
Leftovers:  Peas, Cereal, Chicken, Sausages, Mixed Beans, Cheese, Eggs

* I saw these on offer and as it was a good deal and as I normally buy these apples, I decided to use get them from Morrisons
** They have large bags of bruised bananas for sale at reduced prices, I decided to get one of these and I'm going to make some banana bread later on in the week

*** I've got this chicken mainly to use with the salads, but I do expect to have some left for next week. I'm going to portion the chicken up and put it into the freezer.

Prices correct at time of writing - 07/07/13

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