Brie, Cherry Tomato and Basil Tagliatelle

I decided this week I would try out gluten free Tagliatelle in the fresh section of Asda. The pasta cooks in 3 minutes, so thought it would be a good for a quick after work meal.

The pasta in my opinion was quite nice, it really did just take 3 minutes to cook and with the Brie, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil it tasted really fresh. My idea of a good summer meal without too much fuss.

Serves 1


100 g Tagliatelle
1 handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped in half
Approx 80 g of Brie, chopped into cubes
1 teaspoon of dried basil (you can use fresh if you have it)
Small glug of oil
1/2 teaspoon of garlic granules
Salt and Pepper


  1. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet, add some salt into the water. Drain the pasta, keeping a little of the water from the pasta and tip back into the pan.
  2. Keep the pan on the heat, add the tomatoes, Brie and basil, a little of the water that you have reserved and a little oil. 
  3. Stir through the garlic granules, add more garlic if you like. Season with salt and pepper and serve.
You could add a little Parmesan cheese on top if you wanted to.

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