Gym and jacket potatoes!

After eating too much at the BBQ this weekend and PLENTY of leftovers, I'm trying to not eat as much this week. For a low cost and healthy dinner tonight I thought I'd have my cottage cheese and jacket potatoes. I chopped some fresh chives into the cottage cheese on the top. 

I used fresh chives as I have some growing in the garden and I think its a little nicer to add them fresh. You can obviously used the tubs of cottage cheese with chives already in. 

I've started going back to the gym last week, after quite a fairly long period of not going. I've been bogged down with work and really not felt like going. I'm back on track now though and trying to eat a little healthier. Hopefully I'll be able to lose a couple of pounds too!

I've strayed away from the meal plan a few nights this week, but I think tomorrow I'm possibly going to have Turkey Courgette Lasagne Tomorrow.

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