Gluten Free Bread Rolls

I fancied having a try at making some bread rolls the other night, so decided to have a go at this recipe I saw on the Dove's Farm website. 

To be honest I had some normal gluten free plain flour in the cupboard, so decided to use this instead of getting some bread flour. I'm not really sure if it was due to this or the recipe, but I found that it was very liquid like. They did however come out quite soft when they were out of the oven. They did tend to go a little harder when they'd cooled down, but refreshed in the microwave for approx 20 seconds they come out nice and soft again.

I cooked mine in a muffin tin.

All in all they weren't a bad attempt, they're OK if you freshen them up but probably not brilliant if you're travelling.

If anyone has any good recipes to share, then please go ahead.

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