Menu 04/08/13 - 10/08/13

It was quite busy this weekend, we went to a wonderful wedding. However, as we were out of the house most of the weekend and knew we'd be tired when we got back on the Sunday, we decided it would be an ideal time to try out the home delivery services. We settled on Sainsbury's, the deal was that if you spent £60 you could get £15 off delivery. I also managed to secure delivery charges of £2.99 (I believe these are dependent upon the time and the delivery area). The deal turned out to be pretty good and meant that I could stock up on some bits for next week too.

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (500 g) £2.00
Chicken Thigh Fillet £3.33 *
Sainsburys Basic Hard Cheese 200 g £2.00
Arborio Risotto Rice 500 g £1.12
1 tin Basic Red Kidney Beans £0.21
Longley Farm Cottage Cheese 250 g £1.20
Soured Cream 150 ml £0.60
Fajita Seasoning Mix £0.89
Plain Tortilla Wraps £1.20
Basics Cooked and Peeled Prawns 300 g £2.25
Basis Barn Eggs - 18 £2.10
Sainsburys Smoked Bacon 1  x 225 g (came as a pack of 2 and part of the 3 for £10 deal) £1.67 *
2 x loose carrots £0.31
Soft Multigrain Rolls (4 - 300 g) £2.19
Family Bag of Apples £1.85
10 x loose fairtrade Bananas £1.08
1 x Iceburg Lettuce £0.90
Peppers Basics 600 g £1.60
Cucumber £0.80
2 x loose red onions £0.34
2 x Naturally Sweet Sweetcorn £1.20
2 l semi skimmed milk £1.35
Nestle Honey Shreddies (500 g) £2.00
Rude Health Honey Puffed Oats (gluten free) £2.50
Gluten Free Wraps (Tesco) £3.10
Total £37.79

The above total price does not take into consideration the discount of £15 (or £12.01 after taking off the  delivery charge), so this actually cost less than the above.

* These items were part of a multi deal (3 for £10 - some of these items will appear in next week's menu).

Breakfast - Eggs, Cereal
Lunches - Chicken  / Bacon Salad, Leftovers
Leftovers -: Rump Steak, Broad Beans, Potatoes, 

Jacket Potato, Cottage Cheese and Chives
Beef Fajitas
Carrot and Kidney Bean Burgers 
Prawn and Chive Omelette
Jacket Potato and Chilli (leftovers from freezer, cupboard)
Broad Bean and Bacon Risotto

The above prices were correct prices on day of purchase 04/08/13 from Sainsbury's.

Overall I would say that I was pretty impressed with the quality of the products and it was nice to have the food delivered. I wouldn't use this service all the time, but I would consider using it again when busy.

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