Gluten Free Pizza - Pizza Hut

I was going to write about this at the weekend, but I was at my friends wedding this weekend, so thought I would share with you now. I've moved jobs within the same company this week, so as Friday was my last day myself and Khila from Miss Budget Beauty & Life of Khi  decided to go over to Pizza Hut for lunch. I've heard quite a few people talk about this previously, but this was the first time I've tried their gluten free options.

I was impressed with the fact you could have any topping you wanted, we went for chicken and mushroom.

We also had some nacho's, which were really good. I did really enjoy this meal, it's nice to have some more options for eating out now and the choice of toppings was good. 

I did find the texture of the pizza quite different to that of Domino's, which is a thicker round pizza in comparison to this square thinner one.

Both still taste really good and have some good toppings available. The Domino's versions seemed fluffier and slightly less dry. I would however not hesitate to order again from Pizza Hut as I really enjoyed it and thought the price and options were good.

Next on my list to try is the Pizza Express, which I've previously heard good things about and also offers some other gluten free options.

I may even try making my own again. If any of you have any tips, then please feel free to share them with me.

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