Cookery Books I've bought Recently & Prawn and Chive Omelette

Now I know some people don't agree with the cheating at cooking and using pre-made food and in all honesty I don't really like it too much either. There are times though that you're just too tired to cook much, usually I try to use meals I've previously frozen portions for. When you've eaten through your freezer stocks and need something quick and easy but satisfying then I believe that Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking is actually pretty good reading. 

It's not specifically for gluten free cooking, but some of the recipes can be adapted and it also gives me some ideas of how I can simplify recipes. 

I was flicking through this book at my friends house and thought that the book was actually pretty good. Personally I'm not trying to lose a lot of weight, but I do want to lose a little and am always looking for healthy foods to eat. I liked some of the ideas in the book and a lot of the recipes can be adapted to be gluten free, some are already naturally gluten free. The only recipes I'd personally have a problem with are the puff pastry as I haven't currently got a substitute for this. Filo pastry is also a problem, but it has been suggested about using rice paper so this is potentially something to try out.

I have tried one of the recipes out of the Hairy Dieters book and have got to admit that it was pretty good. It was also easy and naturally gluten free. Some good ideas in the book, but I think they're quite relate-able recipes for people 

We have quite a few cookery books in our house and I will no doubt be adding more to the collection.

What are your favourite cook books?

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