Beetroot Risotto

I've been wanting to make Beetroot Risotto for some time now, I really liked the look and sound of it and I can tell you I wasn't disappointed. I loved the colour of it and it loved the taste of the beetroot coming through. I certainly will be giving this a try again.

I used this recipe from the BBC Good Food website, but I did make some changes:

  • Instead of raw beetroot, I just a pack of 500 g packed and pre-cooked beetroot
  • I did cook it on the hob, adding the stock a ladle at a time. 
  • I chopped and cooked the beetroot and then just used a fork to mash the beetroot, leaving some small pieces.
  • I added the beetroot to the rice, just before the end of cooking. 
  • I also didn't use wine in my recipe as I didn't have any in, so I just replaced with chicken stock and a teaspoon of red wine vinegar. I cooked the vinegar out right at the beginning after cooking the onions and adding the rice.
The original recipe was cooked in the oven, but I like the texture and creaminess of this and cooking on top of the stove lets you make sure you don't overcook the risotto. You can of course use the oven recipe, as sometimes ease is exactly what you need.

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