Meal Plan 13/10/13 - 19/10/13

We had a lovely day out in Leeds this weekend and as we'd been out for lunch, we didn't really feel like much to eat on the evening.... even the Thai Butternut squash soup! We'll be having that today on Sunday evening instead. Despite having it leftover from last week's menu, we are both still really looking forward to this!

This week is also a little more expensive than it would have been, as I've stocked up on oil as well.

Meal Plan 13/10/13 - 19/10/13

Thai Butternut Squash Soup

Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta Bake (Thornley's Mix)

Beetroot Risotto

Chilli Con Carne

Squash and Spinach Pasta Rotolo (Jamie Oliver Recipe)

Cod in Parsley Sauce with Carrots and Fine Beans (Thornley's Parsley Sauce Mix)

We will be eating out once this week:

Breakfast: Egg, Bacon, Cereal, Fruit
Lunch: Ham / Corned Beef / Egg and Bacon Sandwiches, Leftovers
Snacks: Bananas, Oranges, Kiwi Fruit
Leftovers: Rice, Tinned Fruit, Tuna, Cereal

Shopping List

Bread £1.50
GF Bread £1.75
10 Bananas - 1.87 kg £1.27
Smart Price Oranges £0.60
Punnet Kiwi £1.00
Beetroot 500 g (Morrisons) £0.79
Onions £0.75
Pecorino 160 g £2.00
Milk £1.00
Beef Mince £2.00
Kidney Beans £0.27
Chopped Tomatoes £0.31
Feta £1.50
Frozen Spinach £1.00
Red Onion £0.11
Garlic £0.30
GF Lasagne Sheet £3.00
Passata * 2 £0.68
Eggs £1.35
Cooking Bacon £0.81
Ham £3.00
Corned Beef £1.78
2 * Cod Portions £4.00
Trimmed Beans - 90 g £0.50
Carrot Batons 300 g £0.58
Ski Yoghurts £1.00
Vegetable Oil - 3l £3.78
Smart Price Yoghurt £0.59
Total £37.22

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