Meal Plan 03/11/13 - 09/11/13

This weeks meal plan includes a little extra as on Wednesday we're having people over for dinner. We're actually going to do a dessert as well, which will be raspberry crumble. I'm really looking forward to trying this so I'll keep you posted with how it turns out!

On Saturday I'm having people over, so I'm cooking Chilli Con Carne. I'll probably have plenty of leftovers, which will be frozen into portions or eating as lunches on the following days.

Meal Plan 03/11/13 - 09/11/13

Chicken Dinner with Vegetables and GF Stuffing

Pork Belly with Egg Fried Rice 

Smoked Fishcakes with Mushy Peas

Beetroot Risotto

Chicken Soup

Pitta Pizzas

Chilli Con Carne

Shopping List

Milk £1.00
Peanut Butter 700 g £2.37
Salad Cream £0.87
Mixed Peppers £1.00
Yoghurts £1.00
Butter £1.00
Bananas (1.15) £0.78
Gala Apples £1.00
Satsumas £1.00
Beetroot £1.60
Risotto Rice £1.10
Pecorino 160 g £2.00
Mixed Root Vegetables £1.00
Whole Chicken 2.2 kg - from the market £6.50
2 * Carrots £0.20
Broccoli £0.60
Cabbage £0.80
Cooking Bacon £0.81
Eggs £1.35
Steak Mince 2 lbs (907 kg) - from the market £3.75
3*Chopped Tomatoes £0.93
Kidney Beans £0.27
Basmati Rice 1 kg £1.88
GF Pitta Bread £2.00
2 x Mozzarella £1.16
Crème Fraiche £1.10
Continental Meat Selection £2.00
Frozen Raspberries £1.98

Total £41.05

Breakfast: Cereal, GF Oats, Toast, Eggs
Lunch: Chicken and Bacon Mayonnaise Sandwiches, Leftovers
Snacks: Apples, Bananas, Satsumas
Leftovers:  Peas, Fish ( 2 for £2.8  Asda- approx 400 g), Pork Belly (Morrisons), GF Bread, GF Porridge Oats.

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