Polish Kabanos Sausage Soup

I'm always trying to find new and interesting recipes and i stumbled upon this recipe one day. Some recipes take a bit of tweaking to get them right and others take A LOT. This however, is one of the recipes that doesn't have to be changed much at all.

I love soups in general, but they're particularly great in the colder months. I don't think there is anything better than a steaming hot bowl of soup with some great ingredients in it. They're a great way to perk you up, when you are perhaps feeling a little under the weather. Especially when man flu, chest infections and colds are all around.

My dad eats a lot of Kabanos sausages coming from a polish background, so when I saw this recipe it instantly captured my attention. I love the taste of Kabanos sausages and the hint of paprika in the background.

I did make some small changes to the original recipe, but you can find this below:

As we were having this for our main evening meal, i decided to bulk it up a little bit with the ingredients that were already there. 

These were the changes that I made:
  • 250 g of Kabanos sausage - This was the size of the pack that I bought, so I thought I'd add the rest in to help bulk this up a little
  • 150 g of shredded Kale - I had some more kale, so I decided to put some more of this in too. It's always good to have plenty of vegetables.
  • Sometimes if I've run out of thyme, I just used some mixed herbs instead.
To make it gluten free, please remember to use gluten free stock cubes.

I hope that you will all enjoy this recipe as much I did. 

What's your favourite thing to eat on a cold winters day?

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