Valentines day

I've never been a huge valentines day fan, but it is nice to show you care and its always nice receiving flowers ;)

This year has been a bit more frugal than last due to buying a house in the summer. As you homeowners are aware, there's always something that needs doing to the house. It'll take over all your finances if you let it!
This is one of the main reasons why we decided to stop in this year. Aside from saving to go on holiday to France, bonjour! 

My lovely boyfriend decided he was going to cook for me this year, a very nice lamb dish. I always enjoy lamb as its one of the meats I eat the least. 
He dressed the table and bought me 3 red roses. A bottle of cheap bubbly. I don't think you always need to go out, sometimes staying in is just as pleasant, plus you don't get a bubble bath run for you in a restaurant lol.

You can see the table he dressed for me:

The lamb dish was really good, though personally  I'd use a little less mustard, if you're a big mustard fan then go ahead and stick to the recipe. If you like it but are a little less keen,  then just add a little bit and add to taste. 

The pesto crust was really good and i really liked the whole dish in general. I would definitely have the meal again, just with a little less mustard. I did also sub the bread for warburtons gluten free bread.

You can find this recipe at the following address: http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/655659

Then for dessert, I made Creme Brulee (third time lucky with this recipe) as the first 2 times, I did made a couple of mistakes. If you stick to the recipe then it works much better. It would also work much better with a blow torch (this is now on my wish list)

I really like this recipe, it is a Michel Roux one so it can't be too bad. I will aim to make a creme brulee as good as he does. You can find the recipe at the following address: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1039655/vanilla-crme-brle

I wish you all a happy valentines day and hope you all had a good one too :)

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