Gluten Free Crumpets

I noticed gluten free crumpets a couple of weeks ago and have been looking for an opportunity to make these. They're something that I love and I am looking for a cheaper alternative and also a way to cut out as much processed food as I possibly can. You can buy the Livwell crumpets for £1.98 (based on prices from asda.com on 25/03/13).

I was pretty pleased with the outcome of these crumpets and think they weren't bad for a first attempt. The texture was pretty close to a standard crumpet you'd buy in the shop and I think with a bit more practice, I could perfect them a little. 

I was also surprised at how little effort it took to make these and how little time to get the ingredients ready. They did have a bit of standing time, but this just means that you can get on with other things for a couple of hours while you get them ready.

The recipe calls for crumpet rings, but if like me you don't have any then you can use a tuna can and take off both sides with a tin opener. You can also get away with using the small tins of beans. They made for a pretty good substitute I think, if not entirely perfect.

They were lovely, toasted with some butter on and cheese melted over the top. A success in my book, so I will definitely be trying to make these again. You can find the recipe that I used here.

What's your favourite topping on your crumpet?

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