Meal Plan 24/03/13 - 29/03/13

This week we have five meals planned, I've decided to put down what we're having today as well in this menu as for us this came into the same budget. On one of the days, we will be having leftovers from one of the meals (there are only 2 of us, so we tend to have quite a few leftovers!). We normally leave 1 or 2 days without planned meals, as this helps us use up all of the leftovers in fridge / freezer.

All of the meals will be gluten free and we've made an effort to incorporate more vegetables into our diet. I do admit that the toad in the hole is a bit of a treat, but it's something that I've not had since going gluten free so I'm really looking forward to it.

I have some bananas that need using up and I have leftover nutella, so I think we'll have some of this as a light after dinner treat on sunday after our roast chicken dinner.

Meal Plan for 24/03/13 - 29/03/13

Roast chicken dinner with vegetables (runner beans, carrots, broccoli and roast potatoes)

Baked potatoes with tuna, sweetcorn and cottage cheese (I prefer cottage cheese with chives, but the boyfriend likes it with pineapple)

Gluten free Toad in the hole

Home made gnocchi with tenderstem broccoli in a creamy parmesan sauce

Vegetarian cottage pie with chestnuts and mushrooms

Leftovers (Cottage pie, Toad in the hole or Gnocchi)

The shopping list for this, verified on asda.com on 24/03/13 is as follows:

4 x Princes Tuna Chunks - £3.00
Cottage Cheese with chives £1.00
Cottage cheese with pineapple - £1.00
2 x 350 g mature lake district cheese - £4.00 (these are on offer)*
Butchers Selection Gluten Free sausages (8) £3.50 (or £1.80 per pack)**
Maris Piper Potatoes (2.5 kg) - £2.40
Parsnips (loose - 275 g) - £0.41
Asda jumbo baking potatoes - £1.50
Butchers Selection Whole Chicken Extra Tasty - £4.51
Onions (3 or 4 per pack) - £0.85
Swede - £0.68 (I think this was based on £1.00 per kg, this was pre packaged)
Runner Beans (160 g) - £1.00
Extra special tenderstem broccoli - £2.00
Creme Fraiche (300 ml) - £1.10
Shallots (450 g) - £1.00
Carrots 500 g - £0.50 (or you can get loose carrots)
Asda Jumbo Mushrooms (250 g ) - £1.15
Chestnut Mushrooms (250 g) - £1.00
Chestnuts (200 g) - £1.47
Marmite (125 g ) - £1.43
Clover (500 g) - £2.00
|Creative Cooks Mixed Mushrooms (Dried Oyster, Shitake and Porcini Mushrooms) - £1.98 ***

Total Price - £37.28 (Updated price as of 26/03/13)

* We will not use both of these, but as it will keep we will save this for next week. You can also freeze cheese.
** We will be freezing one of the packs of sausages, for use at a later date

*** Updated on 26/03/13 as we realised that we had forgotten these

We do already have some items in our cupboard such as flour, sweetcorn and parmesan.

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