Wild Mushroom and Chestnut Cottage Pie

As we've been trying to put more vegetables into our diet and stop eating quite as much meat, this seemed like a really good recipe. It was actually my boyfriend who found and cooked this recipe, who assures me that it was fairly simple  and one where you didn't have to hover over the stove for the full cooking time.

The portion size of this is quite large and serves 4 people, but we found that you could probably get away with serving 6 with some more vegetables on the side. We'll freeze ours into portions and have some later in the week when we're having leftovers.

The flavour was earthy and rich with the mushrooms in the dish.  The chestnuts added a lovely nutty sweetness and made it that bit more substantial. 

The only change we made was to use a 390 g carton of tomatoes instead of 200 g. This gave the cottage pie a nice sauce, as we noticed some of the comments on the original recipe suggested that theirs came out slightly dry. If you don't want as much sauce as we had, you can always stick to the original recipe.

We're definitely meat lovers and every dinner normally comes with a hunk of it on the side of the plate, but we found that we didn't actually miss the meat in this recipe.  It's on the list to be made again, I can see this becoming a firm favourite in our household.

You can find the recipe we used here.

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