Bangers and mash with onion gravy

So we had some leftover gluten free sausages in the freezer, so decided that we would have bangers and mash. It's sometimes good to have something easy and comforting. Also, I do like to have sausages every now and again. 

We cooked our sausages in the oven. Fried some onions on a low light and used Anthony Worrall Thompsons Gravy and served with some home made mashed potatoes with milk and butter. We do make our own gravy, but sometimes it's good to have something that takes no effort.

This time we used Asda's Butchers Selection Gluten Free Pork Sausages, they were 2 packets for £3.50 when we bought them (I checked this on 18/04/13 and they still had the offer on). These sausages tasted nice, had a nice texture and had 72% British pork in them. I would definitely buy these sausages again, particularly because they weren't expensive when buying 2 packs. I must admit though that I do also like D&A Pork Sausages Harrogate. They are 97%, extremely meaty and taste great, but are that little bit more expensive at £2.60. 

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