Meal Plan 21/04/13 - 27/04/13

This week, we have decided to eat a little more meat than we have been recently. We saw some rib eye steaks on offer so decided it would be good to treat ourselves a little bit. We're still trying to vary our diet, so we have tried to incorporate some fish into our meal plan for this week. We're also eating at my mums on Sunday too, so we've got 6 meals planned for this week.

Meal Plan 21/04/13 to 27/04/13

Cod in chorizo sauce with tender stem broccoli and fine beans

Turkey mince chilli

Jacket potatoes with turkey chilli

Bacon and mixed pepper frittata

Smoked mackerel with fine beans and roasted cherry tomatoes

Rib eye steaks with potato wedges

Shopping List

Item Price 
2 x ribeye steaks (2 for £7 offer) £7.00
Bacon ( £4 for 2 x 10 rashers) - 1 packet £2.00
Small white cabbage £0.64
Low fat mayo (250 ml) £0.48
1 carrot (0.12 kg) £0.11
Seeded Batch £1.50
GF Bread £2.48
Carver Ham £6.00
Bananas (1.755kg) £1.19
Asda satsumas (600 g) £1.00
Turkey thigh mince (450 g) £2.22
chilli beans £0.48
Frozen mixed peppers  (500 g) £0.55
2 x jacket potatoes (approx 0.67 kg) £0.87
Frozen mixed peppers  (500 g) £1.00
Onions £1.00
Baked beans £0.68
Mackerel £3.00
Fine Beans £1.00
Cherry Tomatoes £1.20
Napolina hard cheese £1.30
Asda extra special chorizo £2.00
Chopped tomatoes x 2 £0.78
tender stem broccoli and fine beans £1.20
2 x cod £4.00
Apples (0.67 kg) £1.31
Milk £1.00
Basmati rice (500 g) £1.08

Total  £47.07

Checked on asda.com on 21/04/13

Leftovers from the previous week: cornflakes, porridge oats, potatoes, eggs, tomato purée, garlic

Breakfast: cornflakes, porridge oats, bacon, eggs
Lunch: sandwiches, leftovers
Snacks: bananas, satsumas

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