Chocolate Breakfast Milkshake

I've had this post in my drafts for a while now, so I thought as I've just been having kidney bean burgers again for dinner (I was feeling rather tired and this evening and didn't fancy cooking anything too much) that I would post this.

Whilst trying to vary my diet and eat different things, which is particularly an issue at breakfast I came across this milkshake on Chocolate Covered Katie's site. The recipe was that good, that I have had it again on a few occasions, however I keep hearing some negative things about tofu, which is not to say that I think having some tofu on occasions in bad for you, just in the moderation as everything should be which is something that I'm trying to build into my diet. Anyway, with this in mind I searched for web for some new ideas to replace the tofu and I came across some recipes like this one

As I'm not exercising enough to warrant putting protein powder in my milkshake, this is not something that I particularly wanted to do, I basically subbed the tofu in the recipe for cottage cheese (which is obviously not suitable for vegans), but gives the milkshake a nice smooth texture and the cottage cheese is fairly low fat and still has a fair bit of protein in it.

If you fancy trying this, you can find the recipe on this page and just sub the cup of tofu for cottage cheese and remember to add more milk if you don't want your milkshake to be quite as thick. 

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