Meal Plan 05/05/13 - 11/05/13

This week is a bit of a mixed bag food wise, there are some leftovers being made into mealsand a mix of some cheaper meals as well as a big treat for my boyfriend and I. He just loves steak and we don't tend to eat it too often, as it's quite expensive for good steak. The ones that he has chosen for us though are particularly big, so I'll be lucky to get to the end of mine!

Meal Plan 05/05/13 - 11/05/13

Chorizo and pea rice ( using leftovers from last week)

Bacon, pea spaghetti with cheese sauce

Spicy tomato, mushroom and bacon spaghetti

Mushroom risotto

Jacket potatoes, tuna mayonnaise and sweetcorn

Crème fraiche, onion and bacon pitta bread pizzas

Steak and wedges

Shopping List

Asda cooking bacon 500 g £0.81
Asda free from spaghetti £1.40
Milk 4 pints £1.00
White mushrooms 250 g £0.70
Chopped tomatoes £0.39
Asda extra mature cheese £1.27
Gluten free pitta bread £2.00
Plain pitta £0.70 
Free from bread £2.00
Bread £1.00
Mozzarella £0.83
organic crème fraiche 200 g £0.77
1 onion (0.23 kg) £0.18
Carver ham £4.00
risotto rice £1.00
Desiree potatoes 1.95 kg £1.95
Tuna  £0.49
Sweetcorn £0.32
T Bone steak £24.00 (this was bought from our butcher at our local market)
Apples (0.67 kg) £1.31
Bananas (1.755kg) £1.19
Asda satsumas (600 g) £1.00
5 for £2 thick vegetable soup £2.00
Asda mackerel in tomato sauce £1.70
Frosted shredded wheat £2.48
Sliced squid (200 g) - £2.00 (this was also from our local market)
Bag of mixed salad leaves - £1.84 (would normally buy these from asda with the rest of our shop, but these were bough from the Tesco local)

Total  £58.55

I also have some leftovers from last week to use up: frozen peas, chorizo, cornflakes, onions and porridge oats.

All of the above were checked at asda.com on 04/05/13, apart from where specified.

To be honest, this was a bit of an expensive week for us. As I said earlier though, it was a bit of a treat for the other half as we were celebrating some good news of his this week. Next week, we will be cutting back again and spending a little less. 

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