Gluten Free Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

I was given a bread maker a few weeks ago and it's been sat in the cupboard ever since. I thought I'd make use of it today as I had the urge to re-attempt gluten free bread today, which to be honest I think turned out pretty well. I just couldn't leave it long enough to cool before having a slice! I'm going to test it out tomorrow again to see what the taste and texture is like the next day. I will be blogging soon about my latest gluten free bread attempt.

Another thing that I have been wanting to try for some time is banana bread. We had some ripe bananas that needed using up, so I decided I would give this a try too. 

The texture and taste of the banana bread were really good and the chocolate chips in there just made it even better. Another good thing about this recipe is that it has no eggs in. I had some milled flaxseed in the cupboard and as I'd run out of eggs, I decided to follow this recipe. I'm really glad I did and wouldn't hesitate to do this again.

You can find the recipe that I used here.

I'm definitely going to have another go making banana bread, next time though I think I might put some chopped pecans in instead of the chocolate chips. 

I'm really going to enjoy this for breakfast in the morning, although I may have had a cheeky slice when it was still warm from the oven ;-)

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