Gluten Free 5 Minute Chocolate Cake

As it's my birthday next week and I've taken the full week off work, I promised everyone at work that I would bring a cake this week instead. I was requested that it was a "proper" cake and not one of the healthier bakes that I've been experimenting with recently. So I decided to try this 5 minute chocolate cake, as it had some good feedback and the recipe seemed a little different to the usual chocolate cake.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome of this cake, it had a dark chocolatey colour like the picture. I'm a big chocolate lover so I decided to make the frosting chocolate too, you can just make a regular vanilla butter cream icing  if you're not quite as big of a fan as I am!

I must admit this is one of the stranger cake recipes that I've made, the recipe was very liquid. I even put a tray on the shelf underneath as I was afraid there would be a little leakage from the cake tin! There was a little from mine, but actually it wasn't too much.

The cake was supposed to take 30 - 35 minutes at 180 C, so after 35 minutes when I checked if the cake was ready by putting a skewer into the cake, I was a bit worried that the cake was still quite liquid in the middle. I needn't have worried though, as after another 25 minutes, the cake turned out brilliantly.

The recipe I used is here. For the all purpose flour I used Doves Farm Gluten Free flour.

The frosting recipe I used is here, I wasn't so keen on this particular frosting recipe and it only came together once I added some chocolate. I would use a different topping next time.

I'd definitely make the cake again, but think I'd use a different recipe for the frosting next time.

Chocolate cake is one of my favourites. What are your favourite bakes?

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