Review: Baxters Favourites Lentil and Bacon Soup

There are an increasing number of gluten free products out there and products already on the market starting to label themselves as gluten free. This is starting to make it much easier to recognise which products are ok to eat and which aren't. There are still some out there that are slightly ambiguous, but I do think it's getting easier.

I thought that I'd start sharing my views on products that I've bought and tried. I've tried Baxters Favourites Lentil and Bacon soup now on 3 occasions and I must say that I do like this and would definitely buy this again. I'm not the only one to enjoy this in my house!

I don't think that it beats a home made soup by any means and actually this has inspired me to attempt my own version of this. I do think that this is one of the healthier convenience foods and good for those occasions where you don't want to cook. I actually take this to work to have for my lunch.

The smoked bacon flavour does come through and I really enjoyed the flavour. I don't really think that it needs any extra seasoning to it. 

Texture / Consistency:
It has a nice thick consistency, but is not so thick that you do not enjoy eating it. The smoked bacon flavour does come through. I would appreciate more bacon and more lentils.

£0.98 for a 400 g can from Asda - based on prices on 18/02 (verified on asda.com). I think this is a fairly average price and fairly good value.

109 for 1/2 a can or 218 for a full can


Would I buy again? I would definitely buy this again as I think this does taste good. Some tinned soups have the tendency to be lacking all flavour and are not very filling.  So I was quite pleased that the flavour came through and that it was quite filling. Its enough to keep me from grabbing the chocolates in the afternoon. It's not the best soup that I've ever tasted, but it is pretty good for a tinned product and would quite happily have this on stand by in the cupboard or at work.

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